How to choose an earphone that suitable for you?

by Jamey Miller on November 21, 2020

Since Apple first launched the wireless earphone Apple AirPods in September 2016, there has been a wave of wireless earphones around the world. The revolutionary changes brought by true wireless Bluetooth earphones are far more than that.

Maybe you will ask why wireless earphones are so popular?
Mainly for its excellent product experience and the multiple application scenarios.

JOYROOM launched a new wireless earphone - JR-TL8 in August. with a Bluetooth 5.0 high-performance chip, high speed transmission, fast and stable signal. The Bluetooth signal transmission distance can cover the entire apartment, even the entire small building more than a small distance between rooms in the past.

How’s the design?
JR-TL8,Provide stylish and lightweight design, ideal for travelers and the earphone is ergonomic design and fit well, painless to wear it all day.

How do the JR-TL8  Earphones sound?
Using CVC intelligent noise reduction technology. Its unique stereo sound quality provides HD call service even in a noise environment, clear as making a face to face talking.

Is the battery life any good?
Small design but with high battery capacity, 3.5 hours long usage time by fully charged each time and it can be used for 14 hours with charging case. Up to 30 hours standby life. Enough battery life for us to experience all the day.

No matter is busy housewife, business person or make a living in other industries, you need a suitable TWS earphone, so that you can relax yourself in a busy time.

JOYROOM Frequently Asked Questions:
1-Is there a warranty?
Of course! We will provide a two-year warranty time for every customer who purchases in the JOYROOM store.

2-will there be any promotions in the coming day?
Yes! Please stay tuned!

3 - Return and exchange policy?
Yes! We will provide you with quality after-sales service
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4- When can I receive the goods if I place an order now?
We will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible after receiving your payment. And update the tracking logistics order number for you, so that you can query your package information. If you want to know more details of logistics information, please click this HERE.

5-I don't want to put for any personal informations online
Don't worry, we promise that any of your private information, including bank card information, will not appear anywhere else. Please click HERE to learn more.

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