FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record
FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record

    FT1 Smart watch for Phone Waterproof Heart Rate Record



    Bluetooth effective distance: 8-10 meters
    Data storage: at least 7 days
    Battery capacity: 210mAH
    Standby time: 30 days of standby
    Use time: 14 days
    Waterproof rating: IP68
    Screen size: 1.3 inches IPS square screen
    Dial diameter: 42mm * 35.6mm (length and width)
    Screen size: 1.3 inches IPS square screen

    (1) 12/24 hour system, power display
    (2) Date: week display, weather forecast
    (3) Fitness: steps, distance, calories
    (4) Sleep: automatic sleep monitoring
    (5) Heart rate detection: static heart rate measurement, real-time exercise heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring
    (6) Multiple sports modes: running, cycling, skipping rope, swimming, badminton, table tennis, tennis, mountaineering, hiking, basketball, football, dancing, spinning, yoga, sit-ups, treadmill, open/close jumping Wait. A sport
    Do not disturb mode: used to remind do not disturb
    (7) Shake and take pictures
    (8) Turn your wrist to turn on the screen switch, music control
    (9) Bright screen time setting, display brightness setting
    (10) Bracelet interface customization, dial setting
    (11) Heart rate measurement switch
    (12) Time format setting
    (13) Bracelet language setting
    (14) Sports goals
    (15) Stopwatch
    (16)OTA upgrade

    Create your account
    Create a SMART-TIME PRO account to transfer your watch data to your mobile App. Then, you can view the day's motion data and set the movement goal and etc. On. the APP.
    1-You can scan the QR code on the watch or scan the QR code here to download.
    2-SMART-TIME PRO APP supports iOS11.0, Android 4.4, and Bluetooth 4.0 or above operating systems, and is suitable for most smartphones on the market.

    Pairing steps:
    1-Open mobile phone Bluetooth start APP to enter home page click " device" button> click " bonded device" button, APP then auto search the watch select " JR-FT1".
    2-The Watch displays a pairing notification Click the button to confirm pairing the blue Bluetooth icon is displayed on the top left of the watch, and it has been paired successfully.

    1- You need to use Android 4.4 or IOS 11.0 and above system.
    2- The watch can only be paired with one mobile phone. If you want to pair other mobile phones, please unbind the current one before pairing.

    Switching operation
    1-Power on:
    Long press the power button on the right side for 8seconds. when the progress bar reaches 100%, the watch is turned on.
    Note: If the progress bar does not reach 100%, the watch will not respond.
    Power-on state---pull-down "shortcut menu" ---click " setting"icon ---pick the system menu ---click"power off".
    Note: The watch will turn off automatically after the ultra-low-power chock warning.


    Chip: RTL8762CK
    Heart rate IC: BD1662
    Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
    Bluetooth effective distance: 8-10 meters
    Operating memory: 160KB
    Data storage: at least 7 days
    Battery capacity: 210mAH
    Standby time: stand for 30 days
    Use time: 14 days
    Waterproof rating: IP68
    Charging method: magnetic charging
    Charging current: 5V -500Ma
    Software compatibility: iOS 8.1 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
    Touch mode: full screen touch
    Screen size: 1.3 inches IPS square screen
    Screen resolution: 240*240
    Dial diameter: 42mm*35.6mm (length and width)
    Strap width: 20mm
    Screen size: 1.3 inches IPS square screen
    Applicable wrist size: 152mm-245mm

    Q1: why test heart rate and show a dotted line?

    Al: JR-FT1 smartwatch collects your heart rate data every time and everywhere no matter for your exercise time or daily life. It may use a dotted line to show the  failed heart rate signal
    1- If you can't get the heart rate signal, you should make sure to wear it correctly and adjust to it. keep it not too high or too low, too tight or too loose. After adjustment, you can get the real-time monitoring heart rate.
    2- If it is still heart rate data, please check that you have turned on the monitoring function on the " SMART-TIME" App.

    Q2: Watch cannot be paired with mobile phone?
    A2: If it fails to pair, check that there is JR-FT1 signal in " Settings" -" Bluetooth".
    If so, it means there is no problem with the Bluetooth signal. Please check the watch was not paired with other mobile phones and unbind it.
    Finally, you need to ignore this device in the Bluetooth, and then repair the phone and watch.

    Q3: Why there is no updated weather information?
    A3: please try the following check items:
    1-Please make sure the App has been allowed access to location information.
    2- Please make sure that the mobile phone network is under normal connection. It may cause by the abnormal weather.
    3- Please make sure that the mobile phone network is under normal connection. And the health App obtains weather data every 4 hours generally. The poor network conditions may also cause a delay in weather information. If it cannot be updated in WiFi, please try to use the network try again.
    4- Indoor closed environment may not be located due to GPS failure, so you'd better get the updated weather outside.

    Q4: Why there is no sleep record on App?
    A5: it is possible that the watch sleep data cannot be synchronized to the health App. If so, please try the following operations:
    1- Please confirm that your watch records the sleep data normally. Open the sleep App on your watch to check your sleep duration. If the sleep duration is O, please follow the following steps to check:
    --It is suggested that you wear your watch on your non-dominant hand when you sleep (for example, if you are right-handed, you can wear the watch on your left hand)
    --You will lose sleep data if the watch is power off during sleeping
    2- Please make sure that the watch and mobile phone connect normally:
    3- Pull down the home page of App manually to synchronizing the data;

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    Hello, I have a question. Does this watch support NFC payment ?

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    hi, iam in saudiarabia and the latest update for me is 0.0.3 and there is problems with arabic language so how can i fix it or update it please?

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    Good . Need analog faces.

    Nice product and good materials. I got it from Noon Saudi Arabia I hope to get updates soon for watch faces like analog faces.

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