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  • Shipping time: See the table below for details(Only for reference)


  • Due to the logistical challenges posed by COVID-19, please be aware that processing & shipping may take significantly longer than usual. 
  • This timetable is for reference only. External factors may result in significant delays not reflected in the timetable.
  • If you want to change to a logistics company like DHL, UPS, TNT, or FedEx, you need to make notes when you place an order. When we confirm the shipping fee, we will send you the shipping bill. You need to pay this shipping fee.

Importing countries(like Egypt) may need to levy import taxes, customs duties, and related customs fees, which are not included in your payment to us, you need to pay these fee by yourself. The amount of these fees (if applicable) is determined and determined by the customs authorities of the destination country. For further details on fees, please contact your local customs office directly.

Country/RegionEstimated Delivery TimeReference Period During the COVID-19
United States6-10 business days8-15 business days
United Kingdom 6-8 business days10-15 business days
France6-8 business days8-10 business days
Germany6-10 business days 8-12 business days
Italy6-10 business days8-12 business days
Spain6-10 business days 8-12 business days
Netherlands6-10 business days8-12 business days
Belgium6-10 business days8-12 business days
Luxembourg6-10 business days8-15 business days
Ireland6-10 business days8-15 business days
Saudi Arabia6-10 business days10-15 business days
 United Arab Emirates6-8 business days8-12 business days
Croatia6-10 business days8-15 business days
Czech Republic 6-10 business days8-12 business days
Estonia6-10 business days8-15 business days
Finland6-10 business days8-15 business days
Hungary6-10 business days 8-12 business days
Latvia6-10 business days8-15 business days
Lithuania 6-10 business days8-15 business days
Malta6-10 business days8-15 business days
Poland6-10 business days8-12 business days
Portugal6-10 business days 8-15 business days
Romania6-10 business days8-15 business days
Slovakia6-10 business days8-12 business days
Slovenia6-10 business days8-15 business days
Sweden6-10 business days8-12 business days
Austria6-10 business days8-12 business days
Denmark6-10 business days8-12 business days
Australia6-10 business days8-12 business days
Turkey10-18 business days18-28 business days
Mexico18-28 business days25-35 business days
Canada8-15 business days15-20 business days
Greece8-12 business days 8-15 business days
Switzerland5-8 business days8-12 business days
Norway8-10 business days10-12 business days
25-30 business days30-35 business days
Pakistan20-25 business days25-30 business days