Warranty Exceptions:

1.Failure to provide sufficient valid purchase proof.

2.Lost or stolen products/accessories.

3.Products expired warranty period.

4.Free products.

5.Products not purchased from our official website: www.joyroom.com.

6.Products claimed to be defective by the buyer but identified to be in working condition by Joyroom Quality Control Center.

7.Non-quality-related problems.

8.Improper use (including but not limited to: dropping, using or storing under extreme temperatures, immersing in any liquid, incorrect operation).

9.Natural aging of products.

10.Disassembling or repairing products without authorization.

Damage caused by force majeure (including but not limited to: accidents, disasters).

12.Packages rejected and returned to the overseas warehouse without notifying us in advance.

13.Packages returned to the overseas warehouse because the recipients failed to pick them up in time.

14.Lost packages caused by buyer providing incorrect delivery information.

15.Protective and/or personal care products cannot be returned or replaced due to their special property.

1. Joyroom only takes responsibility for products purchased from our Official Website (www.joyroom.com). For products purchased elsewhere, please contact them directly.
2. The shipping and related costs for non-quality-related returns will be borne by the buyer.
3. Joyroom reserves the right to final explanation of all above terms.

Any questions please contact our customer support team(hi@joyroom.com)

The final interpretation of the warranty and return claim clauses belong to Joyroom.
Any questions please contact our customer support team(hi@joyroom.com)