Announcement of winning information

JOYROOM is no longer a new start-up created brand, but it doesn’t mean that we are satisfied with the present.We are always constantly improving products and providing new products for customers.

We are the same as when we were newly founded that have many shortcomings. Thanks for your support along the way and very grateful for all your valuable opinions. Your opinions are the wealth for JOYROOM. We will continue to improve, whether it is products or services.

In order to thanks JOYROOM's consumers for support, we will bring a surprise feedback event to you:
A new user subscribed to our email during the 11.25-12.5 event period can participate in the random lottery activity of Joyroom backstage. Only 50 winners will get a newly launched value of $34.99 JR-T13 Bluetooth wireless earphones for free shipping.

Congratulations to the lucky ones below for becoming the new product experience user of JOYROOM T13.

First Name Last NameEmailNO.
Abdulbasit Mahmoodma*****bdulbasit@yahoo.com1
MICHAEL WEINSTOCKmi*****stock1@gmail.com2
Ahmed Mansour Battata.*****.ft@gmail.com3
Oleh Zvarychbm*****mail.com4
Dwana Flowersdw*****lo@gmail.com5
Ghala Alaseerigh*****la551@gmail.com6
Corbin Dehningde*****729@gmail.com7
Mahmud Birma*****mr@hotmail.com8
Turki Almeterik.*****@hotmail.com9
Peter Caparidape*****parida_jr@yahoo.com10
Osama Elshamyoe*****0@gmail.com11
Shaukat Hussainsh*****ussain772@gmail.com12
Khalid Ajeeanw1*****mail.com13
Bilal Mustafabi*****tafa444@gmail.com14
FIROJ AHMEDfi*****ed10@yahoo.com15
Subtan Shirazisu*****yahoo.com16
Isabel Monaresir*****979@hotmail.com17
Natalie Kurniadina*****ones7@gmail.com18
Fahad AlNasserna*****hotmail.com19
Tamás Soósso*****9@gmail.com20
Syed Shareef Fahaddr*****d@yahoo.in21
Mazen Ashourma*****h@outlook.com22
Neamatallah Elsayedel*****@umn.edu23
Mohammed Alhussainal*****nmoe@gmail.com24
Laura Stuckist*****@gmail.com25
Mamitsifoy Rakotondrasoama*****y@gmail.com26
Mohammed Al-Turakial*****.mohammed@gmail.com27
Fahad Osaimifo*****hotmail.com28
Sooraj Kiranso*****ss844@gmail.com29
wen yangmu*****gmail.com30
Eyad Alshalane.*****n@gmail.com31
Ahmed Ismailah*****ail350@yahoo.com32
Sean Kellydr*****junkie5@gmail.com33
Iftikhar Ashrafen*****khar2@gmail.com34
April Enosae*****gmail.com35
Felipe Augusto Ferreira Fagundesfe*****fagundes@hotmail.com36
mohamed elbakrymo*****bakry.80@gmail.com37
Mahammad Shereef Mudimarsh*****imar@gmail.com38
Mohamed Elgarhymo*****elgarhy85@gmail.com39
Mohamed ragabab*****16@gmail.com40
Fattani Madnima*****ttani@gmail.com41
Abdullah Alfayezab*****alfaiz@hotmail.com42
Ron Normanro*****orman@mac.com43
Gaberr Younesg_*****@msn.com44
Mohamed Halimal*****criptions@outlook.com45
Marcus Baughma*****augh@yahoo.com46
Ibrahim Al Omaryo.*****.o@gmail.com47
John Garciaga*****0@me.com48
Antonius Momacam*****mail.com49
Craig Faulknercr*****iltoad.com50

All giveaways will be sent out before December 15th, Please check the official email from JOYROOM in time and give a relevant reply.The final explanation right of this activity is reserved by the JOYROOM official store.

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Thanks for all your support for us! Whether suggestions or feedback.
For all customers and followers, we will always remain grateful. This gift is just one of our many efforts to continue to create quality products and services for consumers.
You can invite your friends or family to enjoy this gift
If your name does not appear, it does not matter, We will bring you the lucky draw and new product experience activities from time to time. Please pay more attention to our Facebook for more exciting information.
Best regard!