What we can offer

  • Audio
  • Wall & Wireless charger 
  • Power Banks
  • Car Holders
  • Smart Watches
  • Phone Cases/Screen Protectors
  • Wireless Car Chargers
  • Cables

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Founded in 2009, Joyroom, a global consumer electronics company, has been running the worldwide business for over ten years. Today our clients come from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Our catalogue has over 500 items in various categories: Audio, holders(car/table), chargers, cables, power bank, phone cases and screen protectors.

Joyroom, as a consumer electronics product manufacturer, serves customers worldwide. It offers complete service to distributors, retailers, and wholesalers to help expand their business.

We offer a range of knowledge training and tools necessary for product selling: 
Marketing support
Selling support
Products warranty

Marketing support

1.We will provide you with the materials needed when a new product is launched, such as detailed pictures of the products, the advertisement pictures, and the product use video.

 2. In addition, we will also cooperate with some KOL (key opinion leaders) to prepare articles or videos of products. These resources are owned by Joyroom and can be used for publicity.

 3. Also, we can cover the expenses if you choose to work with the KOL locally. 

Selling support

1. When a new product is launched, we will provide sellers with free samples of new products and new product-related offers (such as a buy-one-get-one-free discount ).

2. For specific products,we will also provide product training for the items, depending on their characteristics and usage tips.

3. If you are interested in other products offered by Joyroom, we will provide free samples of these products according to your requirements.

Products warranty

We offers one-year warranty on all products: from the date of leaving the factory, any products with non-human damage can be replaced for free within one year.