JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger
JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger
JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger
JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger
JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger
JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger


JR-CL03 Multi 5 Ports USB Car Charger

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1. Support charging 5 devices at the same time.
2. Lengthen the extension cable,flexible charging distance.
3. Large current output of 6.2A, faster charging speed.
4. Strengthen the non-slip shrapnel on both sides to ensure stable insertion without fear of overturning.
5. The back clip can be placed arbitrarily according to needs.



Material:PC+ABS Fireproof Material
Color: Black
2USB Output:5V/3.1A
3USB Output:5V/3.1A
Total Output:5V/6.2A
Car charger Size:58.7*36*23.04mm
Backseat charger Size:53.3*28*16.87mm





  • Question 1: Can your car charger handle a laptop, an iPad, and two smartphones simultaneously?
  • Answer: Yes, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. All 5 ports will share the total output of 5V/6.2A assuming you have 5 devices connected at once. Please note, This car charger does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge, devices equipped with Quick Charge, will charge at standard speed. So you won’t always get the absolute fastest charging speeds, but it’ll still charge your smartphone or tablet pretty fast regardless.
  • Question 2: If I only plug in my iPad and my smartphone, Will this send too much current to them? Answer: This will not, it features an Advanced Smart Charging Identification Technology, the built-in intelligent chip that can automatically identify any devices you plug in and distributes the optimal charging efficiency.
  • Question 3: Will this car charger adapter work in the lighter of a 2019 Subaru Forester? What is the maximum DC input voltage allowed?
  • Answer: Yes, it works. It is universal for 12-24V vehicles, adapt to mainstream vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, trucks, off-road. Although It’s compatible with all cigarette lighter ports, due to the size of the cigarette lighter, our car charger can not flush fit perfectly for all cars.
  • Question 4: Can you leave the charger always plug even if there isn’t anything plugged in or being charged?
  • Answer: Yes, you can leave it plugged in all the time. When the phone isn't connected, it's smart enough to realize it's not in use. When you turn your car off, it powers off.
  • Question 5: Why is my phone charging so slow?
  • Answer: We have collected a lot of car battery information. More than 90% of car batteries have a voltage greater than 12.5 volts. Some car batteries have begun to age, and the voltage is only 12V, but they can still charge mobile phones. A small number of car batteries cannot reach 11.8 volts, Charging speed is very slow, not even charging.